“Swap it for a Shake”
The Herbalife weight loss programme is designed by nutritional scientists to give your body all the protein, vitamins and minerals it needs, without the bad fat and minimizing your calorie intake.  Helping you feel full and energized as you shed unwanted pounds.

Simply swapping breakfast and lunch for HerbaLife Formula 1 shakes can help you lose weight and have more energy, without feeling hungry… and the shakes taste GREAT!

Glenn has a sweet tooth and particularly likes the Mint & Chocolate flavour shake.  We have found the shakes so versatile that we are never stuck having the same flavour twice (unless that’s Glenn and his Mint & Chocolate shake !!).

Herbalife Mint & Chocolate Formula 1 shake tastes amazing

No counting calories, calculating macros, pre-preparing meals, starving yourself or eating a bland diet.  A great tasting shake for breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack, filling shake at lunch, an afternoon snack and then a healthy dinner.  It’s no fuss, no hassle, quick, easy and fun.

With a full Cellular Nutrition® product range, your Herbalife weight loss program can be customised to suit your exact needs and tastes.

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